Christene LeDoux (christeneledoux) wrote,
Christene LeDoux

Written in Oct 2006 in Italy...

Walking in front, alongside or anywhere near a European
mommy pushing her baby in her buggy, is like riding a bike
on the autobahn in front of her middle-aged husband in his
newly purchased ferrari.

There are none!

The bigger...the more stylish and the one with more contraptions
then that ferrari...holding anything you can imagine, including
but not limited to; coffee, cell phones, shopping bags, toys, books
and oh, the baby... have full road priority.

If you can't move, walk, run or just plain get the hell out of the way,
plan to be mowed down.

Oh, p.s...
The same goes for long legged girls in dresses on vintage bikes
with enormous baskets...
Don't be fooled by their flowing skirts, draping scarves and pretty
faces...they too own the streets.

They know it and if you don't, plainly, you get run over.

So move out of the fucking way or get over it.
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