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Christene LeDoux

ramblings from the roads of Europe....

It's hard to believe it took me since Greece to write.

From Cambridge to get the girls and off we went, I have not
had a free moment or space - both in my head and literally
speaking since.

I write to you now from the London Stansted Airport.

A hair-raising, "Yes, I'm a bonified California driver" 3+ hour drive
from a cottage in the British countryside ensued....and he we are.
If you're wondering, I never worried for a moment.

With less than 20 minutes to spare for check in, we were met by the
rental car agent at the departure curb. After calling on the race over
(doing 85-90 on the M25 is indescribable...) he agreed not only to
meet us there but to take £40 and fill the tank for us.
Black Sheep Girls have all the luck.... usually...

Do I want to tell you the story of the London taxi driver that took an hour
off the meter and let us tag behind him as we found our way to the
flat? .... London by car? I never said I could do that!
Okay, I'll save that story for another day.

Should I spill the beans about my little sheeps being sent into the
street at 3:30am in Cambridge? Or perhaps the next day after when
we found a £60 parking ticket on our rental car, appropriately called,

Maybe I should tell you about the unpacked but 3-encore show in
Leceister.... or the packed but £3 making show at The Troubador in
London? It seems both want us back and promise to make it big.
Being a Black Sheep has some positives.

The beginning of the tour was a sold-out show in Ryde at the Isle
of Wight and just as you can imagine, is one of - if not, the most
beautiful place in all of England. Both the people and the fairy
dust floating around the air, make for a place you never want to

So here I am back, back to being at Stansted...

The girls have gone on to Stockholm without me until we
meet in 3 days for our first leg of the Scandinavian tour.

I sit here in an Italian Cafe, with my cappuccino and chocolate,
about to head to Innbruck, Austria.

I live my life by the minute, never mind the day.
Things like cappuccino's and chocolate really keep me going.
Taking chances and hearts along the way, I am learning how
to keep some of the treasures I collect for myself.

So until next time....
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