Christene LeDoux (christeneledoux) wrote,
Christene LeDoux

Help Christene stay on the road...

Hi everyone,

I hope you are doing great wherever you are.

So I am in London...embarking on my latest European Tour til
the Fall... and well, as I sit here in a flat in London, I am looking
over my finances cringing.

I used to have a link up on my old site to make donations and
since I put up the new one, I forgot to add it back.

It seems so in your face and I'm kind of embarassed too... but
the truth is, your donations really do keep me out here.

So alas.. I decided to add it back as well as post it here.

You are completely what keeps me going.
Thanks for your support in every way... whether you can donate or not...
it means everything.

love from a cold, blue flat in London,

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