Christene LeDoux (christeneledoux) wrote,
Christene LeDoux

he built a box...

My father has a bad heart.

But he had a bad heart before his body decided it
was bad.
Not the genetic kind.
But the kind someone gave him when they
said he was no good.


The guitar case was tough but is a guitar case
ever tough enough to keep the guitar safe?

We put my Ted Thompson hand-crafted beauty
in it's coffin. Wrapped the soft case around it, bubble
wrap after that.

And that's when it happened.

He pulled out Fed Ex boxes of all shapes, all sizes...
a box cutter, fragile tape, fragile stickers... the works.
Pulled up his sleeves....

And then he did it.

He cut, sliced, diced, pulled, pushed, held and molded
those pieces into the most beautiful box a guitar, guitar case,
soft case and bubble wrap ever saw... could ever wish

Each piece of fed ex box, smoothed and rounded to
perfection.... circling the guitar like it was meant to be...
built for life.

Hours and a glistening sweat rippled face later, he
emerged from the frantic making of the box.

Then he just stared it at.

Not a, "Do you think it'll hold? I wonder how much
it weighs?"
but instead... one of those moments when you
know it's something you are supposed
to be memorizing.

The kind of moment that leads me to believe....
a year later, here in my studio, in the back of my house
in Austin, Texas... as I come across the photo's of that
very box...
both proudly built, and anxiously ripped apart...

That he was trying to tell me something.
And I want to tell him I memorized it.
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