Christene LeDoux (christeneledoux) wrote,
Christene LeDoux

neatly folded maps in the door of the car...

I'll never be the kind of person
with neatly folded streets maps
in the door of the car.

The kind of person who overpays
the bills so next month will
be lighter.

The rise-early and finish the to-do
list before noon kind of person.

Up til today, I still thought I could
be.. just maybe, getting closer...

I drove a friend's car today.
A never-did-I-spill-a-thing-on-
this-carpet kind of car.
With yes, neatly folded maps.

I zipped through town with my
shiney wheels.
Half expecting to hear the
clunks and clacks and scary
sounds of driving that I am
used to. I hear only the
soft, serene buzz of the
tires glidding along the
I feel safe.

Each time I climbed out, I
felt a sort of satisfaction in looking
around the seats and floors and
seeing nothing...
Closing the door to a clean
car. Organization.
Could it be?

This sort of thing doesn't
dawn on me when I am back
in Europe. I don't drive but
maybe once in a blue
tour through England or
I tried to drive through
Austria, Germany and
Switzerland but the boys
in the British band I toured
with took a vote.
Oh well, maybe next time.

Nevermind that...

When I do drive in Europe,
I have maps all right... but
the maps I "carry" if you could
call it that, generally fly out
each window at least once
a day.
The weather is mild, especially
in England (to me anyway)
so windows are usually down
and I cruise in and out of
the "real" round-a-bouts
at speeds I should probably
not mention.
Hey, have you driven in
England? They go fast.
Maybe not Italian or
German Autobaun fast
but compared to the
policed roads of the US..
especially Texas...

I'm usually doing everything
I'm not supposed to like
talking on the phone and
drinking coffee.
Do you know in Ireland it
is illegal to drink um, coffee
and drive?

So the last thing I am
keeping track of are those
darn maps.
Tricky little suckers, no
wonder they take flight,
who can fold those things...
never mind stuff em' in the

They fly from one end of
the backseat to the next...
from the front to the back
and then, wala, right out the

I usually give up about the
first week and keep extra
on hand... always being sure
to get a new one from whatever
hotel I may be at.
I should be keeping a sign on
my car, "Back off wanker, I've
got maps and they like to fly.."
but I don't.

Instead I pull over, try to collect
my trash and move on.

It never once dawned on me
that maybe folding them
neatly in the door would make
this whole business of collecting
while driving and reading maps
a bit easier, not to mention safer.
But no.. instead I imagine the
closer they are the easier
they'll be to get to.... and no
matter how many map planes
I have set out to fly the M4, I
don't learn my lesson.

So as I look at the perfect
little pile in the safely running,
perfectly cleaned door of my
friends car, I promise myself that
maybe...just maybe...

I will work on being the kind of
person who keeps neatly
folded maps in the door.
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