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little pumpkin newsletter/march 2006

WELCOME to the.....

Christene LeDoux * Little Pumpkin Music Newsletter
March 2006 (!) NEWS for songwriter Christene LeDoux
Issue No. 79


-- I'm still here!
-- Playing in your home...
-- CD is on it's way...
-- Trio?
-- is live!
-- Quote for the month...


Sorry for the lack of a newsletter for so long. I know it's not like me.

When I returned from Europe, I went straight to California to be with my papa,
Colorado for the Rocky Mt. Folks Fest, Nashville for the Americana Conference
and Baltimore to sing in a wedding then back & forth to California for my dad
& the holidays...

So I am finally catching my breath and just barely tossed the pumpkin out...
yes, it's been on the porch since Nov!

Speaking of Austin... I was lucky to meet a great group of NOLA musicians,
including the Neville brothers. I was asked to hand clap on the new Katrina CD/DVD
they were recording & filming.
It was a total blast to to hang out with such amazingly talented but still very sweet
musicians. I just got word the CD was picked up by a major label and is heading
for the grammies! Does that make me a grammy-nominated hand clapper? :-)

The new site (thanks Audra!) and CD are both underway and will both be
debuting and releasing before I head back to Europe this Spring.
Thanks for your patience while I worked all this out.

As you know the CD, is now underway with another amazing producer by the name
of Mark Hammond. He has worked with everyone here in Austin from Shawn Colvin
and Ani DiFranco to all of Eliza Gilkyson's work. I'm super, duper excited to
finally have this baby so watch out... it's almost here! The next CD will be
with the original producer I had planned to work w/ this time around.

So...I haven't been off the road in almost 4 years (I know, scary!) so uh...
a big pit stop to take care of a lot of business both personal and musical .. has been in order.

If you were looking for me at Rockrgrrl...sorry I missed you. I was looking
forward to performing as well as moderating and speaking on a marketing panel.
I sure hope you had a great time.

Some of you may already know, I had to also cancel the little pumpkin music
showcase at Folk Alliance this year.
And unbelievably, I am forgoing the SXSW madness this year as well.
Yes, it's all part of the slow down-focus plan I have been working...
and yes, it seems to be working.

It has managed to also bring me back together w/ my wonderful Swedish
friends and form a trio we call, "The Black Sheep Girls." The site still
has much work, but it's up if you'd like to take a peek so far...
We'll be recording our CD in Greece this June so it looks like I'll have
that to offer you as well. This summer, we'll be touring all over Scandinavia,
The Czech Republic, England and possibly Scotland and Ireland.

Just a quick note to also let you know my record label web site:
is finally live! Stop by and see the new roster, tour dates and more.
Major distribution is in talks now and should be part of the little pumpkin
family before Christmas. That means all the CD's through little pumpkin
will be available everywhere!

Lastly and most importantly, the "Back Home Compilation" to Benefit Children's
International has been released and is available for purchase.
Raymond is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana music lover I have had the pleasure to play a
house concert for.... and he's got a huge heart to match... so please stop by and take one home:

Speaking of Europe...
Booking is underway for my return to England and all over Europe this Spring!
So looking forward to getting back to my second home in the world.

If we have been in contact regarding a house concert or you are interested in
hosting one or helping me book a show in your town, please send an email to: (my usual email has been on the blink, please use this address)
I am planning to be all over Europe once again and am happy to come to your country...
have I been to it yet?
The areas confirmed this round are: As always, England.
Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic and others pending...
where are you?

Thank you always for your support. It is truly you that keeps me going.
That's the plain truth.

Lots of hugs, wishes and magic in your new year.


Quote for the month...

Leave the beaten track behind occasionally
and dive into the woods.
Every time you do you will be certain
to find something you have never seen before.

- Alexander Graham Bell
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