Christene LeDoux (christeneledoux) wrote,
Christene LeDoux

what I really craved...

I needed chocolate.

It was getting late, it was raining but still...
I needed chocolate.

I grabbed my keys, slid on some flip flops
and headed out.

As I held the key to open my car door, it
dawned on me that maybe walking to get
it would make up for it having it.

I could see lightening and hear the train
in the distance.... feel rain on my face
and the warm humid feeling that comes
with it... sneak under my sweater.

I passed houses with lights, heard lovers
laughing on a porch and gave directions
to an elderly couple lost in the neighborhood.

I made a decision while walking.
That I would walk more.
And especially in the rain.

An hour later and back in front of my house,
I realized it stopped raining...
and my craving for chocolate gone.
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