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Little Pumpkin Music Newsletter/January 2006

WELCOME to the.....

Christene LeDoux * Little Pumpkin Music Newsletter
January 2006 (!) NEWS for songwriter Christene LeDoux
Issue No. 77


In this Issue...

-- I'm still here!
-- Texas tour in Feb?
-- Playing in your home...
-- Quote for the month...



Sorry for the lack of a newsletter for so long.
I know it's not like me.

When I returned from Europe, I went straight
to California to be with my papa, Colorado for
the Rocky Mt. Folks Fest, Nashville for the
Americana Conference and Baltimore to sing
in a wedding then back & forth to California
for my dad & the holidays...

So I am finally catching my breath, tossing the
pumpkin out (yes, it's been on the porch since Nov!)
and removing the Christmas lights.

Speaking of Austin... I was lucky to meet a great
group of NOLA musicians, including the Neville brothers.
I was asked to hand clap on the new Katrina CD/DVD
they were recording & filming.
It was a total blast to to hang out with such amazingly
talented but sweet musicians.
I just got word the CD was picked up by a major label
and is heading for the grammies!
Does that make me a grammy-nominated hand clapper? :-)

The new site (thanks Audra!) and CD are both underway
and will both be debuting and releasing before I head
back to Europe this Spring.
Thanks for your patience while I worked all this out.
I haven't been off the road in 4 years (I know, scary!)
so uh... a big pit stop to take care of a lot of business
both personal and musical .. has been in order.

If you were looking for me at Rockrgrrl...sorry I missed you.
I was looking forward to performing as well as moderating
and speaking on a marketing panel.
I sure hope you had a great time.

Some of may already know, I have cancelled the
little pumpkin music showcase at Folk Alliance this year.
If you haven't got word about the cancellation, please send
me an email and I will send you more details.
This was a hard decision to make but I am positive it was the right one.

Although I have cancelled attending, performing and
running the pumpkin room at FA... my good friends
Eva and Lisen from Sweden are still coming.
I invited them to perform in my room before I had cancelled it.

Since the cancellation, I am trying desperately to put together a short,
last minute tour of Texas with the three of us the week after Folk Alliance.
Lisen especially is in *love* with Texas and Texas musicians.
They're both very talented by the way (Lisen sounds like Emmy Lou Harris!)
so you won't be disappointed.

If you can help us put together a few last minute Texas
house concerts or shows, I sure would be grateful. <3

Lastly, booking is underway for my return to England
and all over Europe this Spring.
If we have been in contact regarding a house concert
or you are interested in helping me book a show in your town,
please send an email to:
I am planning to be all over Europe once again
and am happy to come to your country!

Thank you always for your support.
It is truly you that keeps me going. That's the plain truth.

Lots of hugs, wishes and magic in your new year.


Quote for the month...

Leave the beaten track behind occasionally
and dive into the woods.
Every time you do you will be certain
to find something you have never seen before.

- Alexander Graham Bell
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